Solar Battery Trickle Charger Review

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  • 27 January 2019
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A solar battery trickle charger will make you sing, “Here comes the Sun!” with a lot more gusto – Because it will be charging your vehicle’s battery.

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When you receive your solar battery trickle charger you’ll want to maximum benefit from it so set the panel in such a way who’s has got the maximum sun exposure. Then plug the 5-watt trickle charger to your vehicle’s 12-volt lighter socket plus your battery will begin charging.

There will also be alligator clips included that may be attached directly to battery for situations and then there isn’t a lighter socket or perhaps you desire to keep the socket free for charging a mobile phone or another device.

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This item of equipment has numerous applications; all terrain vehicles (ATV), boats, tractors, electric fences, telemetry, recreational vehicles (RV), plus more. It will can work on cloudy days. It’s great when a clean and silent charging of electric or electronic devices can be beneficial, say outdoors, that you don’t desire to disturb the natural environment.

The hottest model today is the Sunforce 50022. It is of hardy construction with amorphous solar cells, generating of durable ABS plastic. It weighs in at the mere 4 pounds and measures 14 x 0.75 x 13 inches rendering it easily portable as well as simple to create. With a temperature selection of -40 to 176-degrees Fahrenheit it is really an all season, all climate means to fix your battery charging needs. With up to 5-Watts or 350mA of capability to prevent the natural voltage drain of batteries over time it’ll keep your batteries fresh to use when you need them. And it has flexible connection options in who’s includes both alligator clips and a lighter socket adapter.

The Sunforce model is compact as well as simple to put in and yes it lets you harness the power of the sun, the best and plentiful method to obtain energy available to us. Unlike nuclear and classic fuels, solar power is clean and pollution-free, as well as the equipment requires very little maintenance to function.

This trickle charger is made to prevent the natural voltage drain that 12-Volt batteries undergo as time passes. It can also take care of the handle of a 12-Volt battery while it is providing energy to small electronics like cellular phone chargers or small pumps and motors. The Sunforce 50022 5-Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger is developed with durable ABS plastic and features amorphous solar cells as well as an ultra-bright blue LED charging indicator. Four mounting holes are pre-cut inside frame for straightforward permanent installation. It is weatherproof and remains effective even on cloudy days. The built-in overcharge/discharge protection prevents overcharging and reverse-current drain. This trickle charger is a great choice for automobiles, recreational vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, tractors, boats and much more.

Sunforce amorphous solar power panels require without any maintenance and they are weatherproof and ideal for external use. It is safe to leave connected longer periods without problems for electrical components.

For moving vehicles the solar trickle charger can and will be permanently mounted to avoid problems for the solar power systems, batteries and also other equipment. Otherwise it’s easily removed and stored.

Solar cells convert sunlight into an electric current; they don’t actually store power. The Sunforce 50022 was created to maintain a preexisting battery charge, and never to fully recharge battery power.